February is Low Vision Awareness Month, dedicated to shedding light on vision-related challenges. In this article, we focus on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and how understanding its intricacies can empower those affected. At Vitreoretinal Consultants of NY (VRCNY), our mission is to provide clarity and support for individuals dealing with AMD.

Deciphering AMD – Beyond the Surface

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) isn't just a diagnosis; it's a complex condition that can impact central vision. To comprehend AMD better, it's essential to distinguish between its two primary forms: dry and wet.

  • Dry AMD: This more common type progresses gradually, often without noticeable symptoms in its early stages. However, as it advances, individuals may experience mild blurriness in central vision or difficulty seeing in low lighting.
  • Wet AMD: Less common but can be more severe; wet AMD is characterized by the growth of abnormal blood vessels under the retina. These vessels can leak fluid and blood, causing scarring and rapid vision loss.

The causes of AMD are multifaceted. Factors such as genetics, aging, and lifestyle choices play a role:

  • Genetics: There is a hereditary component to AMD, making family history a risk factor.
  • Aging: As the name suggests, age-related macular degeneration becomes more prevalent with advancing age.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Lifestyle factors within your control, such as smoking, diet, and UV exposure, can influence your risk of developing AMD.

The Role of VRCNY in AMD Research

At Vitreoretinal Consultants of NY (VRCNY), we are not just a retina practice; we are pioneers in retina research. Our commitment to AMD research is unwavering, and our contributions have left a lasting impact on the field.

  • Clinical Trials and Innovations: We have been instrumental in some of the most significant research endeavors, including the first clinical trials for medications such as Lucentis, Avastin, and Eylea. These breakthroughs are now considered standard treatment modalities for various retinal and macular conditions.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: Our research is conducted using the most advanced diagnostic technologies, ensuring accurate assessments and innovative solutions. Visit our Website for additional details on our clinical trials.
  • Patient-Centric Focus: Above all, our research is dedicated to pursuing treatments that are not only effective but also safe for our patients. We prioritize research that directly benefits those living with retinal and macular diseases.

During Low Vision Awareness Month and beyond, we extend our invitation to connect with VRCNY.

Our mission is to equip individuals with knowledge, expert guidance, and compassionate care on their AMD journey.

Together, we can navigate the path to clearer vision, backed by our legacy of pioneering research and commitment to advancing treatments.

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