Did you know a champagne cork can fly out of the bottle at a speed of up to 50 miles per hour? That is fast enough to break glass and or cause severe eye injuries. If the cork hits the eye, it can lead to bleeding, abrasions,  glaucoma, and even a retinal tear or retinal detachment.

If you want to open a bottle of champagne without any accidents, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  1. For optimal enjoyment, it's recommended to chill your champagne in the fridge or on ice. This not only helps preserve the carbonation but also prevents any unexpected opening of the bottle, ensuring a safer and more pleasant experience.
  2. If you are planning to open a bottle of champagne, it is important to remember a few key safety tips to ensure that everyone stays safe and has a good time. Firstly, you should avoid shaking the bottle, as this can cause the cork to explode from the bottle at high speed and put those nearby at risk. Additionally, pointing the bottle towards anyone is never a good idea, as it can cause serious harm to their eyesight. Instead, it is recommended that you hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle and direct it away from yourself and any bystanders. By following these simple steps, you can safely enjoy your champagne without any worries..
  3. Press down on the cork while firmly twisting the bottle: Tear off the foil then remove the wire hood. Place a towel over the top of the bottle and grasp the cork. To open the bottle safely, hold the cork firmly and slowly twist the base of the bottle until the pressure inside causes the cork to pop out. To prevent it from popping out too quickly, press down on the cork while twisting.
    Handle delicate glasses with care: Toast and clink carefully to avoid breaking the champagne glasses.

It is important to note that excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of developing diabetic eye disease, specifically diabetic retinopathy. This is a common diabetic complication and a leading cause of blindness in those who develop the condition. Alcohol can cause an abrupt increase in blood sugar levels, which can be harmful to people with diabetes. Even moderate alcohol consumption can potentially result in a deterioration of visual acuity in patients with diabetic retinopathy.

It's important to enjoy the holidays and stay safe too, Happy New Year