Dr. Weber has Ophthalmic Scribes in her practice, a new role for us at VRC-Island Retina and one we are proud to promote! 

This segment is being highlight to help educate you on who the Ophthalmic Scribe is and how important this role is for the practice. 

You will see an Ophthalmic Scribe shadowing Dr Weber in the examination room, mostly working in the dark, handling your medical record chart on the computer and following Dr Weber from room to room. 

This person has a very important role! 

The examination will start with information being entered into your medical records and this is a majority of that role in our practice. 

Other important tasks for this person are maintaining and updating your medical records in our computer system during your examination, consenting and billing for office procedures, verifying prior-authorization of your medication treatment, updating all of your diagnosis and medical conditions, confirming all of your eye medications at your local pharmacy, as well as aiding in the assignment and selection of your next office visit and special testing that Dr Weber wishes you have performed during your next visit at the office.   

This segment will highlight those very important people in our organization. 

  • Please meet Scribe Carlos.
  • Please meet Scribe Mansah.
  • Please meet Scribe Michelle.
  • Please meet Scribe Nidia.