Many parents that need glasses to treat near-sightedness worry that their children will also suffer from the same ailment. Myopia is a refractive error that is common with many people who seek out optometrist assistance, and although it can be hereditary, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that the child of someone with Myopia will also have it.

There are many more factors involved when determining if a child has Myopia. Here are a few signs that might be a good indication that it’s time to take the child to go see the eye doctors for a new prescription.

Tearing Up

If a child’s eyes continue to tear up when they are looking at objects across the room, then it might be an indication that they are experiencing eye trouble. Children’s eyes should be sharp, and many times, they can spot objects before their parents’ eyes find them.

If a parent notices that their child’s eyes are not as sharp as they should be, then there might be reason for concern. Excessive eye watering out of nowhere usually indicates that someone is having trouble focusing his or her eyes over long distances. This shouldn’t be taken lightly, because it is an uncomfortable sensation for all who experience it.

Frequent Headaches

When children complain about headaches, it could be a symptom of a number of ailments. But if the child’s headaches are frequent, and there is no other explanation that is readably available, then the child could be suffering from Myopia.

It’s never easy to sit back and watch a child experience frequent headaches, and if mild painkillers like children’s ibuprofen won’t do the trick, then the parent should look into other options. The headaches could be a result of the child’s difficulty in seeing far-off objects, which is something that should be taken care of immediately.

Reading Books Close to Face

Playing outside is healthy for children’s eyes, but most children are assignment homework that requires indoor activity like reading, and many parents encourage their children to read for fun as well. The way a child reads is one of the most reliable methods for determining whether they have eye issues or not.

If a parent notices that their child is reading with the book only a few inches from their face, then that means that they are having trouble seeing the book from far away. Today, many children interact with smart tablets, phones, and other mobile devices, and if the parent notices similar behavior when the child is engaged in activities with a mobile device, then that is also a strong indication that they might benefit from a trip to the eye doctor.

Sitting Too Close to the Television

Parents love to tell their children that they are sitting too close to the television. But this behavior could also be a result of something more. If the child cannot clearly see the images on the television from a good distance away, then they might need glasses.

Parents should never wait to find out if their child is suffering from Myopia. The smart choice is to find a trusted eye doctor, and book an appointment for the child as soon as possible.