March 23. 2020
Your Safety is Number 1

On behalf of all of us at Island Retina, we want to reassure you that we are closely monitoring corona virus (COVID-10) developments around the community and our city, and around the world.

We realize that our role in the community is crucial, and Island Retina will remain open as we have been deemed an 'essential form' of health care by the State of New York.

During this time we are continually building our focus on cleanliness throughout all of our office to make sure your visit with us is safe and germ free.  This includes regularly disinfecting of public waiting areas, equipment, and instruments.

We do ask this though, please have your driver or relative wait in the car for you while they drop you off at the door of our building entrance.  After your visit is complete, our staff will gladly call them when it's time for you to be picked up, or we will even escort you to the ground level entrance should you need assistance.  
We are asking all our staff to practice 'social distancing' and maintain the recommended parameters whenever possible.

We realize that these are difficult times for everyone in our community and we respect your need for continued medication for your retinal disease and we are committed to deliver the best care possible.  

We ask that you continue to practice good 'hand washing' techniques after coming in contact with surfaces or traveling to and from essential points of care.
We ask that you keep your hands away from your 'eyes, nose and mouth' as these can also be sources of infection transfer.

We remind you to clean your cell phone, computer keyboard, and computer mouse routinely so that germs do not migrate from one surface to another.

We know these are times when many of us will be looking at computer screens for countless hours, and that one should plan to take regular breaks from computer screen viewing.  Also we wish to remind you that 'eye strain' can be relieved by gazing out at a distance, out an open window, or simply relaxing your accommodation for at least 10 minutes for every hour that you are behind a computer screen.

We hope you will continue to stay healthy in the coming weeks!

For more detailed information about how Island Retina can help you see a brighter future, call us at one of our 2 convenient locations: Commack, NY 631-486-6672 or Shirley, NY 631-924-4300. You can also reach us by email through our website’s secure contact page.

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