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eSight 4 is a life-changing device designed for people with low vision or legal blindness and is intended to help people see by improving distance visual acuity.  It uses a powerful camera and lens system and proprietary software to stimulate synaptic nerve activity to increase visual information to the brain.

eSight 4, is recommended for patients with serious eye conditions including macular degeneration, Stargardt’s retinopathy and diabetic retinopathy.  The result is an anticipated improvement of distance acuity by 7 lines of vision, with starting points between 20/60, and 20/400 making reading books, text, cards and check writing possible once again.


eSight 4 achieves this several ways including matching your pupillary distance and screen distance to ensure a perfect view.

The wireless built-in controls are built into the ‘Halo Band’ and includes 2 battery packs for all day use and comfort. The patented ‘Bioptic’ will tilt upwards and downwards for enhanced vision. 

Many features include intuitive controls, 24x Zoom, Color and contrast filters, TV and Desktop or Laptop connectivity for watching streaming shows such as ‘Netflix’ ®, YouTube ®, and Paramount Network®.

Finance plans available directly from the manufacturer upon request.

Now Available at Island Retina!

If you are experiencing low vision and/or if a family member is reading this for you, then perhaps you may be able to benefit from a fitting with the newest digital magnifying device known as “eSight”. This headgear has amazing magnification qualities and could help improve the quality of your life, help enlarge print in books, aid in watching television, and help begin to write out checks and birthday cards once again. If you would like an evaluation, inquire about eSight during your next appointment with Dr. Weber, or, call for an appointment “without dilation” with Mr. James “Jim” Soque at Island Retina/ Shirley, NY.

Call and schedule an evaluation and a fitting during your ‘non-dilated’ consultation visit with James Soque at Island Retina. Schedule by calling 631-924-4300.

For more detailed information about how Island Retina can help you see a brighter future, call us at one of our 2 convenient locations: Commack, NY 631-486-6672 or Shirley, NY 631-924-4300. You can also reach us by email through our website’s secure contact page.

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