Vabysmo provides a new approach to treating vision-threatening retinal conditions through a mechanism of action that targets two pathways simultaneously.


Vabysmo is designed to block pathways involving Ang-2 and VEGF-A. Ang-2 and VEGF-A are thought to contribute to vision loss by destabilizing blood vessels, which may cause new leaky blood vessels to form and increase inflammation. Vabysmo has been designed for the inhibition of both pathways and has been shown in preclinical studies to have potentially complementary benefits, stabilizing vessels and thereby reducing vessel leakage and inflammation.

Dr. Weber and the Island retina team for FDA approval of the Lucerne study - A new eye treatment called Vabysmo. To learn if this treatment is right for you call our office at Shirley (631) 924-4300 and we will schedule an evaluation at one of our offices.

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